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Visa application
What can immigration lawyer?

  • 1.Certificate of Eligibility grant application

  • 2.Extension of period of stay permit application

  • 3.Eligibility changes permit application

  • 4.Permanent residence permit application

  • 5.Re-entry permit application

  • 6.Qualification outside activities permit application (such as a student part-time job)

  • 7.Employment Eligibility certificate grant application (if it is necessary to change jobs, etc.)

  • 8.Naturalization application
  • 9.Other procedures necessary to foreigners, paperwork, etc.

Authorization of resident eligibility

Extension of period of stay permit application

Eligibility changes permit application

Permanent residence permit application

Re-entry permit application

  • Even if there is a resident status, once the cause and status of residence out of the country you will be lost. (It is not eliminated by the re-entry system is regarded as if it is within one year.)
    By the re-entry application, as long as it is within residence status period, it will be able to leave the country while maintaining the status of residence.

    ※ When the period of stay is completed, note the confirmation of the period of stay because you are the re-entry application also resident status is eliminated.
    ※ It is a system for anyone other than short-term residence status

  • Re-entry permit (Immigration Control Act Article 26 of the Immigration Bureau HP)
  • Re-entry permit application (Ministry of Justice HP)

Qualification activities outside permit application

Employment Eligibility certificate grant application

Naturalization application

Other procedures necessary to foreigners, paperwork, etc.

  • Window procedures and, please feel free to contact us if there is a thing you do not know, such as paperwork.

About fees

  • Free consultation

  • Certificate of Eligibility grant application ¥ 100,000 ~

  • Extension of period of stay permit application ¥ 30,000 ~

  • Eligibility changes permit application ¥ 50,000 ~

  • Permanent residence permit application ¥ 100,000 ~

  • Re-entry permit application ¥ 10,000

  • Qualification outside activities permit application ¥ 10,000

  • Employment Eligibility certificate grant application ¥ 20,000

  • Naturalization permit application ¥ 100,000 ~

  • Others please contact us

  • Amount and method of payment, please contact us feel free (Negotiable)

  • ※ The above is part. Please contact us for others.
  • The cost is the amount of compensation to the firm. Other necessary expenses (stamp, stamp, notary costs, etc.), business trip fee will be charged separately. All are tax display.

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